#1B Natural black wig

uiwig 1B 13x4 HD Jerry Curly Human Hair Front Lace Wigs
uiwig 1B 13x4 HD Jerry Curly Human Hair Front Lace Wigs


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The hair was better than expected! I love the soft texture and the length is true to size. Thank you so much for sending it so soon. Worth the price most definitely
I thought it would of been much better for the price and I never had a transparent wig.. I wish it was BETTER.
The quality and texture of this hair is just gorgeous. Wet it and add a but of curling cream and the curls pop everywhere. Cut it and the curls get even thicker. I tried coloring it and it did lift a bit. I've gotten many compliments on this unit and was even stopped in a store by someone that had to know where I got it! The lace is good and with some concealer and Got 2 B gel, it looks good.
First time buying a wig online and I was not disappointed at all. I’ve gotten so much compliments while wearing this hair. Will buy from this vendor again.
Worth buying
It was smooth, not irritating to my sensitive fair carribean skin. Fit was sturdy.
Loooove this hair so much. It is soft bouncy and full. Ready to purchase my next set before it runs out. Best quality I’ve found in a while. I truly love this hair. Can’t say it enough.
The moment I unboxed the hair I noticed the softness. Not only was it a value for money, u get that fullness at just 150% density. The 26 in is a pretty good length. So far its holding up 2days after spraying it with just water and no products.
I cannot express how much I love thisbwig. When I first pulled it out of the box I was astounded by how soft it was. The waves and curls slipped through my fingers effortlessly. I was shook but then I told myself "Wait! CALM DOWN!" This is fresh out of the box. Of course it's supposed to be nice. The real test will be I how it performs after a few weeks of every say wear.
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